Helium 10 Review And Coupon Code 2022

If you have decided to try your hand at online marketing business and that too at Amazon then you must also know that it’s not as simple as it sounds.

The competition over Amazon has taken a drastic change over the last period of time. Earlier there were few people who were aware of selling products on Amazon but now everyone seems to be interested in it.

Therefore, to make your standing in such markets you need clear insight as well as a proper marketing strategy.

Thus, for such purposes, there are professional tools and services available. One of them is Helium 10. If you already know about it and want to know more then move forward with this article. And if you are hearing about it for the first time then also go ahead as this article will provide you with a quick review of Helium 10 along with its benefits.

What Is Helium 10?

There is no doubt that traditional marketing and online marketing are totally different in nature but their objective is one, and that is to earn profit. So, in order to earn a good profit, one must know everything about their business environment.

Helium 10 offers you just that as with its help you can have an overall analysis of the business environment of Amazon. It also helps you in formulating marketing strategies in regard to your competitive brand or product.

Moreover, if you are stuck on any decision about your product’s description or anything, this FBA marketing tool will help you get through with it. For instance, if you can’t decide on the product that you want to launch, you can do so by analyzing the performance history of the shortlisted products. This way you can get a clear idea of what’s best for you.

Furthermore, there are several more amazing tools through which you can narrow down your competition, improve the ranking of your product, and use the correct keywords to lure in customers. Tools like these simply help you in being the best of all out there in the market so that the customer will only choose you. To make it easy for you to understand, the next section is based on the features that Helium 10 offers.   

Features Of Helium 10:

If you are in a dilemma of whether Helium 10 is worth it or not then you must look at the features of the tools that it provides you. If the features that are mentioned below serve your purpose then you can proceed with Helium 10’s subscription, if not then you can do otherwise. Either way, you can come to a solid decision. So here we go:

Keyword Tracker:

This feature helps you in tracking the best suitable keyword for you so that your product will have a higher ranking. Not to mention ranking plays a significant role in grabbing the sale and suitable keywords might actually help you in boosting the rank of the product which you would want to sell.


Magnet is an exaggerated version of Keyword Tracker. Once you get the suitable keywords you can run them through a magnet, and you will get all the information related to them. This move will help you in analyzing whether implementing the selected keyword will be of actual use or not. 


If you are still deciding on a product to launch, then this tool is the one for you. You can search for any product by typing its name or a keyword related to it. You can also filter out the exact product that you are looking for by using filters. Once you get the desired product, you can check its performance, such as its monthly revenue, monthly sales, price, and much more.


To get the best results for SEO, it is mandatory to look after your product’s description and keywords. Once you land the perfect keyword and description with the use of other tools, you can check for any sort of errors or misspellings with the help of a Misspellinator. This way, you can rest assured that your content is on point. 

Profitability Calculator:

Obviously, if you are seeking help from a professional tool, then you must be curious about the profits that you can earn by following up on certain strategies. This tool helps you in doing just that as it analyses everything regarding your product through which you can have an idea of sales and revenue that you are going to generate.

Inventory Protector:

Sometimes, due to offers and discounts, one might end up giving away the whole inventory in it. Therefore, to manage it and avoid such mishaps, you need a tracker which can track your inventory and alert you in time. Thus, with an inventory protector, you can protect your stock as it alerts you once your inventory goes below a particular point.

Refund Genie:

You must be very well aware of the fact that all the delivery is officially done by Amazon. Therefore, loss of goods or any such damage could happen. However, claiming for a refund could be a problem as the third party can also claim that the goods were already broken. Thus, to avoid such circumstances, Refund Genie follows up the products and keeps the track record as proof so that you can claim for a refund if the need arises.

Additionally, this is not in the feature department of Helium 10 as there are still several tools left. The above-mentioned tools are the main tools that are mainly focused on the launch of the product and initial sales. Once the product is launched, you need tools such as Follow-up, Cerebro, Trendster, and many more. 

Benefits Of Helium 10

Covering all the benefits of Helium 10 could take a day or two. So, while there are numerous benefits of using Helium 10, here are some of the major ones so that you can get an idea of what you are getting yourself into:

  • The main objective of Helium 10 is to make you earn a handsome amount of profit, and it focuses on that only.
  • You can improve the rank of your product to grab a good amount for the initial sale. Not to mention initial sales will determine the future position of your product.
  • You get a suite of tools in one place, meaning that if you have Helium 10, then you will not need any additional assistance. Helium 10 would be enough for you as it’s a full package.
  • Features such as Refund-Genie, Follow-up, and Inventory Protector help you in cutting a great number of losses. Therefore, decreasing the risk of loss.
  • Now, you can use this tool anywhere as there is an extension application available for mobile phones. Thus, you can keep track of your business irrespective of your whereabouts.

Helium 10 Pricing and Coupons:

Of course, if you decide on moving forward with this tool and you find out that your pocket doesn’t allow you, then what’s the use of all of this? Keeping this in mind, the following is a brief explanation of the plans and coupons that Helium 10 offers if you decide to subscribe for it:


If you are a beginner, then you can simply subscribe to this plan. It is not costly and serves all the purposes that you will need in the beginning. This plan costs you $97 per month.


Once you establish yourself as an Amazon seller, you would require more advanced tools to stay in the race. Therefore, this plan is suitable for that; it costs around $197 per month.


This pack is for people who want to earn a long-term standing in this business and do not wish to do small business. People who want rapid growth in such a business environment often need to take extra measures such as training sessions and classes. This pack provides you with just that and costs around $397 per month.

How To Apply Helium 10 Coupon?

Currently, there are two coupons available to the customers:


By applying this coupon, you get 10% off on the monthly plans, and this is also applicable on the annual plans as well.


You can use this coupon for the first month only and get 50% off on the plan.

Once you decide which coupon to apply for, you can proceed with using it. To use the above-mentioned coupons, just follow these steps:

  1. Visit www.helium10.com
  1. The above link will direct you to the official webpage of Helium 10. Once you are there, click on the pricing option.  
  1.  Once you reach the pricing page, you will see several layouts of the plans, and above them, there will be an empty box.
  1. Enter the code on the empty field and select the plan which you wish to buy.
  1. Make sure to choose a monthly or annual plan, whichever you prefer.
  2. Before clicking on the BUY NOW button, click on the Apply option, which is available on the empty field. Make sure to click on it once you enter the coupon code.
  1. You can proceed further by clicking on the Buy Now option, and your coupon discount will be automatically applied.

Additionally, once you click on the Apply option, a notification will flash on your screen in

Frequently Asked Question

Is Helium 10 a Mandatory FBA Tool?

Helium 10 is not precisely mandatory for Amazon sellers to have. However, if you want to eliminate the competition and earn a good profit, then you would be required to seek assistance from a professional platform.

Is It Better Than Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout and Helium 10 are both popular FBA marketing tools and give tough competition to each other. Therefore, comparing both of them is impossible. However, Helium 10 is less expensive than Jungle Scout.

Can Helium 10 Boost The Ranking Of The Product?

The main objective of Helium 10 is to maintain a higher ranking of your products. Moreover, to complete this taste, there are several features dedicated towards it as the sale of the product greatly depends on the rank of your product.


With the help of this article, you get to know about Helium 10’s features and benefits. Also, you get to know about the prices and coupons that Helium 10 is currently offering.

So by now, you must know whether you would like to proceed with Helium 10 for your business on Amazon or not. If this article helped you to come to a particular decision, then reading it certainly was not a waste.  

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